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Valheim Dedicated Server

How Valheim multiplayer works

You can pick a character and their inventory from one game to another, but when you leave equipment from one world it will be lost in the other world too, YOu’ll also lose equipment when you log out or the griefer prevents you from retrieving it.

And with each new user entering the game, the enemies get harder


What is Valheim Dedicated Server?

Advantages of Valheim Dedicated Server

How to get Valheim Dedicated Server?

If you have any questions regarding Valheim dedicated servers, just contact us via Discord. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Looking for a dedicated Valheim Server Hosting?


Try Xgamingserver — Dedicated game Server hosting provider

Below are some of the things that made Xgamingserver stand out.

-Virtual Dedicated Server hosting
-No fixed game slots.
-Game servers are hosted on Ryzen 7 CPUs
-Our gaming servers are located in North America and Germany
-Anti-DDoS Protection
-Automated cloud backups
-MySql Database
-Professional Anti-DDoS Protection
-Powerful Control Panel will come with power-packed features.

Other game servers that we host include 7 Days to Die, CS:GO, TF2, Rust, Unturned The Forest, and voice servers such TeaSpeak servers.

Originally published at https://xgamingserver.com on March 10, 2021.

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