Dedicated Minecraft Server Hosting

1 min readFeb 14, 2021

How Long before my Minecraft server comes online?

Once you place an order and complete payment, Minecraft server will be fired up and installed within minutes. You will then receive an email with our game panel login link and notifying you that your server is installed.

So you’ll just create a password to the panel and access your Minecraft server.

What is the monthly cost of renting a server?

Our costs for Minecraft servers are broken down as shown above from 15 to 35 dollars. Want anything custom just reach out.

Will my server be always online?

We constantly monitor our servers our team will be ready to intervene if your server becomes unavailable.

How long do I have to rent a server?

Our Minecraft servers are rented for monthly cycles but you are free to cancel anytime you feel.

Can I switch my server?

Bored with Minecraft ? No worries we can switch your server to any other game server that we host.

How many slots do my Minecraft servers have?

As we mentioned we don’t sell slots but dedicated server resources. want more slots than our default game slots just hit us up and will sort you out.

Can I install Plugins to my Minecraft server?

sure you can install mods to your Minecraft server. We’ll be putting up a detailed guide on how you can install plugins and source mods on your servers.

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