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alt:V is a modification for a popular open world game set in a fictional city, which is based on Los Angeles. As an Open World game, the player is free to do in the world as he likes. The alt:V multiplayer mod allows you to play multiplayer on your own servers. alt:V is a multiplayer mod based on servers hosted by the players themselves. What’s special: alt:V allows an unprecedented number of players. Via XgamingServer you can rent servers with up to 1000 slots. Despite this high number of players, alt:V runs with high performance and without FPS loss. In addition, alt:V comes with its own API and is of course fully modifiable.A game like alt:V is of course the most fun with your own friends or in your own clan. You can do what you want on your own server and leave it as it is. And of course you can also make your own RP server with it. At XgamingServer you can now also rent alt:V servers. All our servers are of course fully DDoS protected, easy to use via our web interface and offer full mod support thanks to free FTP access.

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Below is what makes Xgamingserver’s alt v servers stand out 2 days free trial for tf2 server No fixed game slots. Game servers are hosted on Ryzen 7 CPUs Our gaming servers are located in North America and Germany Anti-DDoS Protection Automated cloud backups MySql Database Professional Anti-DDoS Protection Powerful Control Panel will come with power-packed features.

Rent alt v server now

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