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How To Install MetaMod & SourceMod on A CSGO Server

How to install MetaMod:

  1. Extract and store the Files: The files will be downloaded as a — zip file. Extract the data onto a folder and save it to the desktop. The file should contain an “addon” folder.
  2. Locate the server directory: The Server directory is the location where the addons will be stored. In the case of a private server, use an FTP client to run and open the server directory. Otherwise, simply go to the Server Directory from the Local discs. After that simply drag the folder into the main CSGO directory.
  3. The next step is simple: Generate a VDF file for CSGO using the Link http://www.sourcemm.net/?go=vdf. The method is rather simple. Just select Game and click on “generate metaMod.VDF” option and the file should be downloaded automatically.
  4. Before proceeding, check the file. Run it with Word pad or Notepad and see if the text is correct:

Install the SourceMod:

  1. Download the SourceMod latest version. The files should be available for all platforms at Sourcemod.net
  2. The data will again be downloaded as a .zip file which would contain cfg and addon files. Simply extract the data
  3. Use the FTP client to navigate into the server directory or manually go through the Local Disc Directories.
  4. Finally, move the mid folder into the CSGO Server Directory. The Addons folder will now have three files. Metamod.vdf that was copied earlier, SourceMod and MetaMod sub-folders.
  5. Now we edit the .ini file of Metamod to be able to run Sourcemod. The data should be present in the Metamod folder, find the .ini file and open it with a text editor. Scroll down and add lines “addons/sourcemod/bins/sourcemod_mm” at the bottom of the document.
  6. After that, simply restart the server and SourceMod should be running.

Errors and fixes:

  • Download compatible versions of both the mod files
  • Make sure there is no corrupted or missing data
  • Do not skip the .vdf file creation and don’t make any tampers with the script
  • Do not change anything else in the metamod.ini file while the .vdf is being edited in.

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